Long Term Associations

We have an upright focus on establishing long term relations with our clients.

Innovative Solutions

We always have our strong spotlight on developing expertise in intensive solutions.

Working Principles

We have a diversified geographic increase from geography de-risking viewpoint.

Today we are leading manufacturer of transformer having capacity up to 8000KVA.

Transformer Manufacturing Capacity & Facilities

Our plant is fully equipped with Following Facilities:

  • Testing facilities up to 33KV class
  • Winding machine capacity up to 12 ton
  • High precisely Collapsible formers
  • Electrical Brazing system
  • Separate Oven
  • S-Bending Machine
  • L-Bending Machine
  • 15 ton Crane
  • Coil Clamping Machine
  • LV Winding Machine
  • HT Winding Machine
  • Amorphous winding Machine
  • 4.5KL Mobile filter Machine